Ganges Harbour - Salt Spring Island
British Columbia

3106 - Kokoro Care

Welcome to KokoroCare!

KokoroCare is a natural health clinic specializing in Traditional Chinese Medicine & Registered Massage Therapy. We fuse wholistic healing techniques in our modern clinical setting to provide a comfortable and transformative experience for our patients.

We offer:

  1. Private acupuncture treatments
  2. Sliding-scale community acupuncture 
  3. Traditional fire cupping
  4. Chinese herbal medicine
  5. Registered massage therapy 

Adam Cappuccino, Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, founder of KokoroCare, completed his training at Yo San University, Los Angeles, in 2013. He has been in practice on Salt Spring Island since 2014, providing effective alternative medical treatments for his community. Sydney Beagle, Registered Massage Therapist, also in practice since 2014, offers a wide range of massage techniques to his patients. 

At KokoroCare, we strive to provide our patients with a comfortable and safe space to allow for healing to occur. We treat many kinds of pain conditions, from musculoskeletal pains resulting from strain or injury, to idiopathic disease conditions, stress, neurological conditions, and so on. 

To learn more about our team, our services, and to book your appointments via our online scheduling program, please visit or email us at

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